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RF Wireless Vendors, Suppliers, Manufacturers - WLAN, Zigbee, GSM, LTE

This page covers rf and wireless product vendors, suppliers, manufacturers. It include vendors of WLAN, Wimax, LTE, Zigbee, Bluetooth, RF, GSM, GPRS, satellite technologies. It covers various product flavors such as test and measurement equipments, rf components, IP Cores, semiconductor Chips, routers, phones, modems, Evaluation kit providers and more. It also includes test equipments for RF conformance and protocol conformance. This page covers bluetooth provider, rf components, VSAT provider, lte provider, wimax Base station, Wimax Subscriber, wifi router, lte router, evaluation boards, wimax system on chip, rf circulator manufacturer, rf isolator manufacturer, rf chip resistor, rf power amplifier manufacturer, RFID tags, rf mixer manufacturer, rf adapter, rf modulator manufacturer, rf transceiver manufacturer, crystal oscillator manufacturer, rf synthesizer manufacturer, PHY IP core provider, MAC IP core provider, antenna supplier, RF filter manufacturer, test and measurement vendors, vector signal generator, vector signal analyzer, wireless channel emulator, EMI-EMC, rf chip resistor, rf power divider, rf directional coupler, satellite modem, HF modem, GSM modem, GPRS modem, LNA manufacturer, substrate, laminate, rf conformance testing, protocol conformance testing.

5G NR Equipment manufacturers or vendors

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RF Vendors

RF Components Manufacturers

RF components page includes suppliers of connectors, adapters, Amplifier,modulator, tranceiver, synthesizer, PLL, oscillator, switches, filters, Power divider, power combiner, coupler, terminations, Attenuators, DC Blocks, Hybrids, Bias Tees, Diplexers, duplexers, Multiplexers, Equalizers, Detectors, Read more.

Manufacturer of rf circulators catogorized based on frequency and various technologies wlan,wimax,lte,zigbee,vsat.

Manufacturer of rf isolators catogorized based on frequency and various technologies wlan,wimax,lte,zigbee,vsat.

Manufacturer of rf power amplifiers for various wireless technologies WiMAX, WLAN (WIFI), LTE, CDMA/EVDO, EDGE, WCDMA/HSPA.

Manufacturer of RFID tags. It also covers RFID tag basics to know about.

Manufacturer of RF Mixers for various functions.

Manufacturers of RF adapter

Manufacturers of RF modulator

Manufacturer of RF transceiver for various wireless technologies wimax,wlan,zigbee,lte,bluetooth,vsat etc.

Manufacturer of DigRF device/testing solution providers and provide link to DigRF interface basics.

Manufacturer of crystal oscillator of various types OCXO,EMXO,TCXO,VCXO,VCSO,XO etc.

Manufacturer of radio frequency synthesizer,PLL,VCO.

Manufacturer of RF antenna for wimax,wlan,lte applications.

Manufacturer of rf filter of various types.

VSAT solutions: It includes various VSAT sub systems viz. transceiver,power amplifier,LNA amplifier,antennas,waveguides and filters

RF chip resistor:Manufacturer of thick film and thin film rf chip resistors.

RF directional coupler basics and rf directional coupler Manufacturers.

RF power divider and RF power combiner basics and rf power divider/combiner Manufacturers.

EMI EMCThis page describes EMI,EMC,EMI EMC measurements and provides manufacturers of EMI shielding material,EMC shielding material,emc enclosure or RF shielded enclosure,pcb shielding and more.

RF LNA basics and RF LNA manufacturers/suppliers.

Substrate-This page covers RF and microwave laminate and substrate manufacturers.

LNB-This page covers LNB(Low Noise Block Converter) basics and LNB manufacturers/suppliers.

BUC-This page covers BUC(Block Up Converter) basics and BUC manufacturers/suppliers.

RF attenuator-This page covers rf attenuator basics,specifications,types,design using PIN diodes and also provide manufacturers of rf attenuator.

Waveguide components manufacturer-This page covers waveguide components manufacturer and provide links to waveguide tutorial basics and waveguide dimensions table.

RF drive test-testing tools  

RF Microwave Design software  

Waveguide Components

Waveguide Components,adapter

This section provides link to popular waveguide component manufacturers. It covers waveguide transition, tee,attenuator,isolator, converter,adapter,waveguide cover,coupler,waveguide switch and filter etc. Waveguide component manufacturers   Rectangular vs Circular WG  Waveguide tee  Waveguide attenuator  Waveguide isolator  Waveguide transition
coaxial to Waveguide Adapter  Waveguide Cover  Waveguide Adapter
Waveguide Coupler  Waveguide Switch  Waveguide filter 

LTE Vendors, suppliers, Manufacturers

Router-LTE manufacturers,vendors

This section covers LTE device and subsystem manufactures and vendors. It includes LTE base station, router, smartphone, femtocell, tablet, LTE USB dongle, LTE test and measurement equipments for RF and protocol conformance testing and more.

LTE Base station: This page provides LTE base station equipment manufacturers.

LTE Router: This page covers various LTE router suppliers with specifications. It covers LTE routers which can be interfaced with wimax networks on one side and LTE on the other side.

LTE Smartphone: This page covers various LTE Smartphones

LTE Femtocell: This page covers LTE femtocell companies.

LTE Tablet: This page covers various LTE Tabletmodels from leading companies.

LTE USB Dongle: This page covers various LTE dongle models.

LTE Provider: This page covers lte solution provider,lte device and lte equipment manufacturer. It includes lte router,usb dongle,smartphone,basestation,eNB,CPE,UE,femtocell,tablet,System on chip,antenna,test and mesurement equipment,lte modules and more.

LTE RF Test Equipment

LTE Protocol Test/Testing Equipment

WiMAX Vendors

WiMAX solutions: This page covers hardware vendors for wimax as per IEEE 802.16-2004 OFDM and 16e OFDMA specifications. It includes equipments,semiconductor ICs, test and measurement instruments, channel emulators,antennas,remote radio head etc. It covers base station and subscriber stations and more.

WiMAX Base Station: It covers WiMAX Base station as per fixed and mobile wimax standards.

WiMAX Subscriber Station: It covers WiMAX Subscriber station as per fixed and mobile wimax standards.

WiMAX SoC: It covers System on chip for wimax base station and subscriber station. It houses PHY and MAC layers mainly.

WLAN Vendors

wifi router-WLAN device Manufacturers

WLAN providers:This page covers hardware vendors for WLAN-WiFi as per IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n. It include equipments,semiconductor ICs, test and measurement instruments, channel emulators,antennas,wireless routers or access points,USB dongle or Station providers.

WLAN Router: This page covers various popular wifi router suppliers with technical specifications. It covers DLINK,Linksys and Netgear.

Zigbee Vendors

zigbee suppliers:It covers zigbee equipments viz.coordinator,routers,end devices and semiconductor ICs as per WPAN IEEE 802.15.4 standard.

zigbee gadgets: This page covers zigbee gadgets for home automation,healthcare,smart energy,lighting,security,appliances,audio and closures applications.

Test and Measurement Vendors

Manufacturer/developer of signal generator for various wireless technologies viz. WLAN,WiMAX,LTE,Zigbee,bluetooth etc.

Manufacturer/developer of signal analyzer for various wireless technologies viz. WLAN,WiMAX,LTE,Zigbee,bluetooth etc.

Manufacturer/developer of wireless channel emulator for various wireless technologies viz. WLAN,WiMAX,LTE,Zigbee,bluetooth etc.

Test and Measurement Companies

Bit Error Rate(BER) Tester manufacturer companies

UMTS RF Test Equipment

UMTS Protocol Test/Testing Equipment

IP Core/Chip/Evaluation kit Vendors/providers

Developers of PHY IP core for wimax,wlan,lte,zigbee etc.

Developers of MAC IP core for wimax,wlan,lte,zigbee etc.

DSP-FPGA evaluation boards- This page covers very useful evaluation boards and kits which houses DSP and FPGA ICs for porting and test various protocol layers viz. PHY,MAC,IP etc. of wireless standards wlan,lte,wimax and more.

DSP Chip vendors- This page covers DSP chip manufacturers/suppliers/vendors.

TD-SCDMA Chip vendors- This page covers TD-SCDMA chip manufacturers/suppliers/vendors.

Microcontroller kit- This page covers microcontroller kit which is used for microcontroller evaluation and/or microcontroller development.

FPGA kit- This page covers FPGA kit or FPGA evaluation kit manufacturers required for development.

Bluetooth providers

List of Bluetooth product companies

Modem manufacturers/suppliers

Satellite Modem Manufacturers/Suppliers

HF radio Modem or High Frequency radio modem Manufacturers/Suppliers

GSM Modem/GPRS Modem Manufacturers/Suppliers

Read page on dsl Modem basics and manufacturer of dsl modem.

Read page on cable modem basics and manufacturer of cable modem.

Read page on dial-up-modem basics and manufacturer of dial-up modem.

LTE Modem- The device used to connect with LTE network is called LTE modem. This is connected to USB port of the devices such as desktop,laptop,tablet etc. It is also known as lte usb dongle. Read above lte usb dongle page to know about popular manufacturer of lte usb dongle/modem.

WiMAX Modem- The device used to connect with wimax network is called wimax modem. It is located usually at subscriber/user premises. It is also named as wimax subscriber station. Refer our page on wimax subscriber station above in wimax vendors section to know about popular wimax modem manufacturers.


Software solutions: It includes IPs, protocol stack,test and measurement softwares and rf network planning and optimization software provider for wireless technologies.

semiconductor foundries

Remote IP Power Switch

EPABX manufacturer

STB-List of Set Top Box manufacturers/suppliers and link to Set Top Box Basics.

SCADA-List of SCADA system manufacturers/suppliers and link to SCADA system basics tutorial.

GPS-List of manufacturers of GPS antenna,evaluation board,GPS receiver,GPS LNA etc. and provide link to GPS system basics tutorial.

Manufacturers of Fax machine and link to basics of fax machine and how it works.

RF and Wireless tutorials

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