traditional storage vs cloud storage | difference between traditional storage and cloud storage

There are different types of storage namely traditional storage and cloud storage. The figure depicts both of these storage types.

Traditional Storage type

As shown in the figure, traditional storage is the one which we were using and are using to store the data as part of disaster management. In traditional storage we store the data in the computer or servers connected with our computer using LAN/WAN. The data informations are stored in disks which can be reformated ot reprovisioned as and when needed. The number of disks can be increased in order to scale up the storage limit.

In traditional storage type, when storage limit requirements are increased, secondary backup devices and even third party websites are used to store the excess data. Moreover data is stored in multiple office locations to avoid complete loss of data in case of disaster or malfunctioning of equipments.

Difference between traditional storage vs cloud storage

As shown in the figure, cloud storage is the one which uses separate location where in all the serving and backup data servers as well as database are maintained. The user or users can access this location using internet.

Following are the major difference between traditional storage and cloud storage:

➨In traditional storage data access time is faster compare to cloud storage model.

➨Sharing of file to others is possible from anywhere using cloud storage model compare to traditional storage model.

➨In cloud model, it is impossible to retrieve the data in case of failures of the system when even backup provided also fails.

➨Traditional system is more secure compare to the cloud storage model as in cloud data is stored on third party servers.

Being studied the difference between both models, it is advisable to use concepts of both traditional storage and cloud storage to have most efficient storage system in the world.

Advantages of cloud storage

The advantages of Cloud Storage are as follows:

Usability - All the cloud services used will have folders which allows easy drag/drop of files between local storage system and cloud storage system.

Bandwidth - Using cloud storage model, one can avoid sending emails with attachments separately to individuals. Instead one can send web link to recipients through the email to download the files. This will save lots of bandwidth of channel.

Accessibility - The files stored on cloud servers can be accessed from anywhere using internet connection.

Disaster Recovery - Important files are stored as second copy. The files are stored at other remote location, which can be accessed using internet connection. This backup is useful in case of emergency disaster situations.

Cost Savings - There will be a lot of savings as user can utilize the storage service based on demand of data size which varies dynamically. Moreover there will be huge savings in electricity bills as remote storage do not require any electric power locally.

Disadvantages of cloud storage

The disadvantages of cloud storage are as follows:

Usability - Avoid drag/drop as it moves the files to the remote location and there will not be any copy left at original location. Instead of this, use copy/paste feature which will retain copy at original location and also create separate new copy at remote server location.

Bandwidth - There will be additional charges incurred on users when they cross the bandwidth allowance provided by the cloud service provider. This should be checked when companies are selecting one from multiple cloud storage service providers.

Accessibility - If there is no internet connection, there will be no access to the data.

Data Security - As data is stored remotely on servers, there will be concern on data security. This makes businesses feel uneasy as multiple organizations' data are stored at the same place.

Software - If we want to manipulate our files locally through multiple devices, we need to download application on all the devices.

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