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cloud storage tutorial | cloud based storage tutorial

This page covers cloud storage tutorial. The tutorial on cloud storage covers cloud storage definition, how does it work, cloud infrastructure, difference between Private cloud Vs public cloud Vs hybrid cloud, cloud storage providers, traditional vs cloud storage and more. Follow following links to navigate the entire cloud storage tutorial.
Main Page of tutorial  What is Cloud Storage  Types  Infrastructure  How does it work  traditional storage vs cloud storage  Service providers  cloud storage security  cloud computing tutorial 

As we know cloud storage is the service by which users/customers of IP enabled devices can store the data at remote servers using internet. In order to access the data, internet is needed. It has several advantages over conventional storage model. The main advantage of cloud storage model is data access from anywhere in the world. This avoids carrying of pen drive as well as any external hard drive on travel. The main disadvantage is unavailability of data during the time internet is not available. Moreover the huge amount of data download will take longer compare to traditional approach.

Go through the links provided in each of the sections below for more information in this cloud storage tutorial.

What is Cloud storage

what is cloud storage

This page of cloud storage tutorial covers what is cloud storage.It covers basic definition of cloud storage.

public cloud vs private cloud vs hybrid cloud vs community cloud

This page on Public cloud vs private cloud vs hybrid cloud vs community cloud storage covers difference between public, private, hybrid and community cloud storage types.

cloud storage infrastructure

cloud storage infrastructure

This page of cloud storage tutorial covers cloud storage infrastructure.It covers storage types and requirements of cloud storage infrastructure.

How does cloud storage work

how does cloud storage work

This page of cloud storage tutorial covers how cloud storage works.

Traditional storage vs cloud storage

difference between traditional storage vs cloud storage

This page on traditional storage vs cloud storage covers difference between traditional storage and cloud storage.

cloud storage service providers

This page covers best cloud storage service providers.

cloud storage security

This page covers security aspects of cloud storage.

What is difference between

Circuit Switching vs Packet switching
packet switching vs message switching
Internet Vs Intranet
Difference between OSI and TCPIP layers

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