cloud storage security | Security aspects in cloud storage

As we know there are many benefits of cloud storage services as mentioned below:
• Scalable• No investment cost• pay based on consumption only • access from anywhere and so on.

Inspite of these benefits clouds pose threats as mentioned below:
• Unknown exposure• loss of control• fast and reliable network needed • inherent risk of outsourcing• customization not possible and so on.

Above factors have lead to security concerns for both the customer as well as provider. In cloud storage security customer's interests are to protect outsourced programs and data, prevent attacks by provider and to protect against attacks on provider by other tenants. The cloud service provider's interests are to protect infrastructure and maaintain service quality for the others. Infrastructure protection include protection against abuse by tenants, like botnets and spammers which pay for the service and protection against tenant to tenant attacks.

cloud storage security mechanisms

Following are the mechanisms of cloud storage security:

• Data at rest encryption
• Data authentication/Integrity protection
• Data replication
• Access control to data

cloud storage security fig1

Though there is access control between the client and storage server, security is essential. This is because many attackers bypass the access control. Due to encryption access control is shifted to key access. This makes easier to guard the keys. This is depicted in the figure-1 below.

cloud storage security fig2

Data encryption can be done as mentioned on client side as well as cloud service provider side.

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