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cloud storage infrastructure | storage types,requirements

This page of cloud storage tutorial covers cloud storage infrastructure.It covers storage types and requirements of cloud storage infrastructure. Also refer following sub-topics of cloud storage tutorial.
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Cloud infrastructure is nothing but resources required to provide cloud storage service. The cloud storage service is beneficial for data storage and data retrieval. Cloud storage infrastructure consists of software and hardware components as shown in the figure-1 below. It includes servers, storage devices, virtualization softwares, operating systems etc. These components are useful to meet the requirements of cloud computing as outlined below.

cloud storage infrastructure

The difference between cloud storage infrastructure and traditional data storage infrastructure is that in cloud storage file access is done remotely over network using web API services. Moreover it is built on object based storage platforms.

Cloud storage service providers typically installs and owns the equipments neded. The equipments include storage hardware, servers and other networking components. This model is known as Infrastructure-as-a-service or IaaS. In this model client or user pays based on use basis and infrastructure is owned by service provider.

Storage catagories

This types of storage is used for cloud service can be categorized as follows:

➨Ephemeral storage: This type of storage is needed during the time virtual machine is running. The storage memory is brought to the pool once virtual machine is shut down.
EXAMPLES: Boot volumes, temporary data operations, page files.

➨Persistent storage: This type of storage is needed across virtual machine reboots. The memory is retained even during the time machine is shut down.
EXAMPLES: Gold images or master templates, critical user data and systems customizations stuff

Requirements of cloud storage infrastructure

Following table mentions requirements of cloud storage infrastructure for an organization.

Cloud storage requirements Description
Manageability It is the ability to manage the storage system with minimum resources.
Access method It is the protocol stack by which cloud storage can be exhibited.
Performance It is the system performance which is measured by parameters such as bandwidth as well as latency.
Multi-tenancy It is the characteristics of the system to support number of multiple users simultaneously.
Scalability It is the ability of system to support future storage demands.
Data availability It is the measure of uptime or ontime of the system.
Control It is the ability to control the system for various parameters such as cost, performance and other characteristics.
Storage efficiency It is the measure of how efficiently storage facility can be utilized.
Cost It is the measure of cost of the storage in dollars/gigabyte.

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