Zigbee Physical layer frame format-PPDU

This page on zigbee PHYSICAL layer(PHY) frame describes PHY frame format. It covers preamble,SFD,frame length,PSDU field descriptions.

As shown in the figure for generic packet format, PPDU consists of preamble,SFD,frame length and PSDU. There are 32 zeros in the preamble field and used for synchronization.

Generic packet format

Octets:4 1 1 variable
Preamble SFD Frame length(7 bits) reserved(1 bit) PSDU
SHR PHR PHY payload

SFD field format

Bits:0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 1 1 0 0 1 0 1

SFD field is a 8 bit field(1 octet). It is a delimiter between preamble and packet data. Both preamble and SFD combined referred as SHR. Frame length is part of PHR as shown. Variable length payload carries MAC sublayer information.

Frame length format

Frame length values Payload
0-4 Reserved
6-7 Reserved
8 to aMaxPHYPacketSize MPDU

Frame length as mentioned is a 7 bits in length and signifies total number of octets contained in PSDU or physical layer frame payload. PSDU carry Physical layer information. PSDU also carry mac sub layer information or MPDU when length of packet is 5 octets or greater.

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