SigFox network architecture | LTN network interfaces

This page describes LTN system architecture with interfaces. This LTN architecture is used as Sigfox network architecture. LTN stands for Low Throughput Network. The interfaces include interface A, B, C, D, E, F, A', C' and F'.

LTN interfaces | A, B, C, D, E, F, A', C', F'

LTN network architecture

The figure-1 depicts LTN network architecture with different interface types.

LTN interface type Description
Interface-A This interface uses radio access technologies between LEP (end devices) and LAP (Base station or gateway). LEP stands for LTN End Point and LAP stands for LTN Access Point.
Interface-B This interface is used between LAPs and LTN servers through WAN mediums. The WAN mediums can be ADSL, fiber, satellite or microwave links.
Interface-C This interface is used between LTN server and Application provider server. It is using IP protocols.
Interface-D This interface is used between LTN CRA (Central Registration Authority) and LTN servers.
Interface-E This interface is used between multiple LTN servers. This is being used during roaming.
Interface-F This interface is used between LTN servers and OSS/BSS servers. This is being used for exchanging data for registration and network status.
Interface-A' This interface is used inside LEP. It is used between DCS (Data Collection System) and LTN module. AT commands over serial connection are used for the implementation.
Interface-C' This interface is used as End User interface and it is provided by application provider.
Interface-F' This interface is used between application provider and OSS/BSS servers.

Sigfox network architecture

sigfox network architecture

The figure-2 depicts simple sigfox network architecture. This is derived from LTN architecture shown in the figure-1. The Sigfox network consists of objects (end user devices), sigfox gateway or base stations, sigfox cloud and application servers.

Sigfox objects are connected with Gateway using star topology. There is direct secure point to point link between sigfox gateways and sigfox cloud. The cloud interfaces with servers using different protocols such as SNMP, MQTT, HTTP, IPv6 etc. as per end applications.

References: ETSI GS LTN 001, 002, 003 (Low Throughput Networks) documents.

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