SigFox Data Call Flow | Sigfox Data Flow Uplink, Downlink

This page describes Sigfox data call in the uplink (from LEP to LAP) and downlink (from LAP to LEP) directions. It mentions sigfox uplink data flow and sigfox downlink data flow.

About Sigfox: It is a low power and low data rate wide area networking wireless technology. Due to its lower throughput, the system is also known as LTN (Low Throughput Network). It operates in ISM bands 868 and 915 MHz. There are four basic entities in the sigfox wireless system. They are LEP (LTN End Point or objects), LAP (LTN Access Point or Base Stations or Gateways) , WAN (e.g. Cloud) and servers.

The flow of information through the sigfox system is known as data flow. In order to send or receive data, data call need to be established. The transmission of data from LEP to LAP direction is known as uplink and transmission of data from LAP to LEP direction is known as downlink. Based on this, there is uplink data call and downlink data call.

Sigfox Uplink Data Flow

LTN network architecture

Following are the steps associated during sigfox uplink data flow:
➨Whenever there is information to be sent, LEP (LTN End Point or Sigfox object) just occupies the RF channel and transmits over the air.
➨The information is received by one or multiple LAPs (or base stations).
➨Each LAP down convert, demodulate and decode the received RF packet.
➨Each LAP forwards the decoded message to LTN server using secured IP link.
➨LTN Server performs authentication and authorization of the message and pushes the message to the application provider server. Standard APIs are used in order to push or pull message to to/from application server.
➨This completes the Sigfox uplink data call.

Sigfox Downlink Data Flow

Following are the steps associated during sigfox downlink data flow.
➨In order to receive data in the downlink, LEP opens fixed window after uplink transmission.
➨This window is used by LAPs to send the information to respective LEP intending to receive information.
➨Application server transmits the message to LTN server.
➨LTN server forwards this message to the appropriate LAP.
➨The LAP transmits the message to the LEP in the time slot opened by it (i.e. LEP).
➨This completes the sigfox downlink data call.

References: ETSI GS LTN 002 (Low Throughput Networks) document.

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