LiFi Bands | LiFi Wavelength Bands of operation

This page on LiFi tutorial covers LiFi bands. It mentions wavelength bands used for LiFi system operation.

LiFi standard compliant device operates from 380 nm to 780 nm wavelength region. This devices operate on one or multiple visible light frequency bands. The LiFi bands with spectral with and possible code combinations used are mentioned in the table below.

LiFi Wavelength Bands Spectral Width (nm) Code
380 to 478 nm 98 nm 000
478 to 540 nm 62 nm 001
540 to 588 nm 48 nm 010
588 to 633 nm 45 nm 011
633 to 679 nm 46 nm 100
679 to 726 nm 47 101
726 to 780 nm 54 110
Reserved 111

Table-1: LiFi Bands

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