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This page on LTE throughput calculator is based on 3GPP TS 36.213 document. The LTE throughput calculation is based on modulation type, TBS index and TBS size.

Let us understand peak data rate or LTE throughput calculation with following LTE system configuration.
20MHz channel, 4x4 MIMO configuration,
Theoretically, Peak Data rate= No. of REs per subframe x no. of bits per modulation symbol
=16800 x 6
=100800 bits/ 1 ms
Data Rate=100.8Mbps
For 4x4 MIMO data rate=403Mbps

About 25% of overhead is used here for RS(reference signal), synchronization signals, PDCCH, PBCH & for some coding. This leads to effective data rate of about 403Mbps X 0.75 = 302Mbps.
Each of the Resource Element(RE) will carry a modulation symbol.

Another way for LTE throughput calculation is to use Table number which gives Transport Block Size(TBS). TBS indicates No. of bits that can be transmitted in one subframe per Transmit Time Interval. From the table with RBs of 100 and TBS index of 26, Transport Block Size is 75376. For MIMO configuration of 4x4, we will get about data rate(peak) about 75376 x 4 per 1ms. This leads to effective peak data rate of 301.5 Mbps.

LTE Throughput Calculator

The following calculator on LTE throughput uses throughput calculation based on MCS, Number of PRBs (Physical Resource Blocks) and number of MIMO antennas.

MCS (Enter: Any number from 0 to 31):
Number of Allocated PRBs, N_PRBs (Enter: Any number from 1 to 110) :
Number of MIMO Antennas (Enter 1, 2 or 4) :

LTE Throughput in Mbps (Output):

LTE throughput calculator EXAMPLE:
Input : MCS = 10, PRBs = 20, Number of MIMO Antennas = 2
Outputs : LTE throughput = 6.22 Mbps

LTE throughput calculation formula or equation

LTE throughput formula

The equation or formula mentioned above is used for LTE throughput calculation.

LTE throughput References

Table number Modulation and TBS index for PDSCH, REFER: 3GPP TS 36.213
Table number Transport block size ,REFER: 3GPP TS 36.213

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