LTE system interfaces-S1, X2-C,X2-U,S8,S10,S11,S12,S13,SBc,RX interface

This page of LTE tutorial covers LTE system interfaces viz. S1, X2-C, X2-U, S8, S10, S11, S12, S13, SBc, RX interface etc. These interfaces are used in EPS of the LTE network. Refer LTE EPC network interfaces which mentiones LTE system network architecture with these interfaces and more.

LTE system interface Description
S1 The S1 interface is defined between E-UTRAN and EPC.
X2-C The X2-C interface is defined between eNBs. It is used for transport of X2-Application Part control plane protocol. It is defined in 3GPP 36.423 document. Functions such as mobility management, handover preparation, status transfer, UE context release, handover cancel, inter cell interference coordination and load management are performed by X2-C interface.
X2-U X2-U interface is defined between eNBs that provide user plane per bearer GTP-U tunneling. It is used for data forwarding during X2 initiated handover.
S8 It is the reference point between S-GW and PDN-GW. It provides user plane tunneling and tunnel management. S8 is inter-PLMN variant of S5 interface.
S10 It is the reference point between MMEs. It is used for user information transfer as well as MME relocation support. It is defined in 29.274 GTPv2-C.
S11 interface The S11 interface is used between MME and S-GW. It is used to support mobility and bearer management.
S12 interface The S12 interface is used between S-GW and UTRAN. It is used for direct user plane tunneling during E-UTRAN and UTRAN handovers.
S13 S13 is the reference point between MME and EIR. It is used for UE identity validation.
SBc This SBc interface is defined between MME and CBC. It is used for warning message delivery and control functions.
RX Rx reference point is used between Authentication Framework and PCRF.

Other System Network Interfaces

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