Digital TV - DTV standards

This page on television basics tutorial covers Digital TV standards. FCC has defined total of about 14 different formats/standards for DTV(digital TV) . Most of the variations fall into basic standards mentioned in the table below. These DTV standards include 480p,480i/p,720p and 1080i.

DTV standard Aspect Ratio Pixels per Horizontal Line Vertical Pixels Scan Rate in Hz
480p 4:3 640 480 24,30,60
480i/p 4:3 OR 16:9 704 480 24,30,60
720p 16:9 1280 720 24,30,60
1080i 16:9 1920 1080 24 OR 30 Hz

p in 480i/p stands for "progressive" and i stands for "interlaced scanning".

ATSC 3.0 Latest Digital TV (DTV) Standard

ATSC 3.0 Protocol Stack

This ATSC 3.0 tutorial covers basics of ATSC 3.0 TV technology including features. It mentions ATSC 3.0 protocol stack, ATSC 3.0 Physical layer, ATSC 3.0 Frame structure and ATSC 3.0 advantages or benefits.
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