WLAN 802.11ac Radio Network Planning

This page of WLAN 802.11ac tutorial 802.11ac radio network planning.

We will see 802.11ac radio channels, radio network architecture, network tuning and optimization and applications.

802.11ac use 5 GHz radio frequency spectrum. The channels are available based on channel bandwidth of operation i.e. 20MHz,40 MHz,80 MHz and 160 MHz. For 20MHz, there are 22 channels . Following table outlines channel map of 802.11ac.

11ac US channel frequency allocations

The figure depicts channel frequency allocations for 802.11ac used in US.

This tutorial also provide link to 802.11ac data rate, beamforming frame format, MAC layer, physical layer, spectrum mask. Refer links mentioned on the left side panel.

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This tutorial section on WLAN-11ac basics covers following sub topics:
Main page  frame  PHY layer  MAC layer  data rates  spectral mask  beamforming  radio planning


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