zigbee vs zigbee PRO-difference between zigbee and zigbee PRO

This page zigbee vs zigbee PRO covers difference between zigbee and zigbee PRO wireless PAN technologies. The other difference between various terms are provided here.

Both the zigbee and zigbee PRO are for many applications such as home automation, building automation, energy management and so on. The ZigBee PRO features improve zigBee network's ability to scale up number of new capabilities, which includes "stochastic addressing" and "route aggregation".


About zigbee: It is based on IEEE 802.15.4 standard. It is designed to produce smaller low power digital radio devices to create personal area network. It covers distances from 10 to 100 meters. It has different physical layers which helps achieve different data rates.

Zigbee specifications are standardized in the year 2003. It is revised in year 2006. Hence Zigbee is also known as zigbee 2006.
Refer zigbee tutorial for more.

zigbee PRO

About zigbee PRO: The enhanced version of zigbee specifications was finalized in the year 2007. Hence it is known as zigbee 2007. There is difference in zigbee routing and zigbee PRO routing. Due to this, zigbee PRO devices function as non-routing ZEDs(zigbee end devices) on zigbee-2006 network. While zigbee-2006 devices function as ZEDs on zigbee PRO network. Ember zigbee IP provider has chosen zigbee PRO due to its enhanced features compare to zigbee. This zigbee IP is known as EmberZNet PRO.

Though zigbee and zigbee PRO are similar technologies and applications, following is the difference between zigbee and zigbee PRO.

Specifications zigbee zigbee PRO
Year of standardization 2006 2007
Addressing tree based stochastic
routing tree or mesh mesh
route aggregation not available yes
asymmetric link handling not available yes
frequency agility optional available
PAN ID conflict resolution Not available yes
basic security provision residential standard
APS level encryption Optional feature optional feature
High security mode not available optional feature
fragmentation optional feature optional feature
commissioning cluster feature is supported feature is supported
secure commissioning not available available

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