Zigbee Switch Basics

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In this page covers Zigbee switch basics and provide list of Zigbee switch vendors or manufacturers. As we know zigbee is the technology for connecting various wireless devices in a small region referred as Wireless Personal Area Network or WPAN. Zigbee is mainly used in the places where one need low data rate, longer life of a battery and secured way of communication. The specification of Zigbee is published in IEEE 802.15.4.-2003 release. It is similar to 802.11 specifications which covers PHY and MAC specifications. Zigbee alliance takes care of network/security and application layer related specifications. Zigbee specifications are ratified in 2006 and later Zigbee PRO is introduced in 2007.

Use cases or Applications

Following are few of the use cases of Zigbee switch. The applications are growing and zigbee is believed to be one of the future technologies for home automation.

Wireless Wall mounted switch for light control:

One of the applications is light switch similar in shape to the one which we used to operate manually. But this one is wirelessly controlled and also control the light also wirelessly with the use of zigbee wireless frequency channels and protocols. There is a small LED which indicates ON and OFF state of the switch.

Wireless Switch for energy harvesting:

One of the applications is energy harvesting in zigbee PRO network. With this feature battery less wireless devices can also securely join the Zigbee PRO network. Here devices utilize energy sources such as motion, vibration and light to conserve the energy. One such application is energy harvesting light switch operating the lamp. In this concept one green power proxy and the other one should be sink. Here in this example, light switch acts as proxy and lamp as sink.

ON/OFF switch Button:

This has similar functionality as wall mounted switch but it is round in shape.

The other switches for different applications include shutter switch for rolling shutter box, 2500 W plugin switch, 2500 W switch for ceiling mount, 2 x 300W Switch without neutral to control lighting loads and so on.

Zigbee Switch Vendors, Manufacturers

Following is the list of zigbee switch manufacturers.
•  Nanjing Iot Sensor Technology Co., Ltd
Website: https://www.wulian.cc

•  AlertMe

•  Legrand, {zigbee switch}

•  Vesternet Ltd.
•   BioEnable Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
•   Jennic, {zigbee switch}

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