Zigbee channels in 2.4GHz,868MHz,915MHz bands

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This page describes zigbee channels. It covers 2.4GHz, 868MHz, 915MHz zigbee channels as per IEEE 802.15.4 standard.

2.4GHz zigbee Channel to frequency

Following table-1 mentions zigbee channel vs frequency values as per 2.4GHz frequency band. This zigbee band is used worldwide and has total of 16 channels from channel-11 to channel-26. It caters about 250Kbps data rate.

zigbee channel number frequency(MHz)
channel-11 2405 MHz
channel-12 2410
channel-13 2415
channel-14 2420
channel-15 2425
zigbee channel-16 2430
channel-17 2435
channel-18 2440
channel-19 2445
channel-20 2450
channel-21 2455
channel-22 2460
channel-23 2465
zigbee channel-24 2470
channel-25 2475
channel-26 2480

868 MHz zigbee Channel

Following table-2 mention zigbee/wpan 868MHz channel. This zigbee band has only one channel designated as channel-0, which delivers about 20 Kbps data rate. It is used in Europe region.

zigbee channel number Frequency(MHz)
channel-0 868 MHz

915MHz Zigbee Channels

Following table-3 mentions zigbee channel vs frequency values for 915MHz frequency band. This zigbee band has about 10 channels ranging from channel-1 to channel-10. It delivers data rate of about 40 Kbps and used in Americas.

Zigbee channel number Frequency(MHz)
zigbee channel-1 906 MHz
channel-2 908 MHz
channel-3 910 MHz
channel-4 912 MHz
zigbee channel-5 914 MHz
channel-6 916 MHz
channel-7 918 MHz
channel-8 920 MHz
channel-9 922 MHz
channel-10 924 MHz

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