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This page on wi-fi -1 describes what is wifi -1 or wi-fi -1 terminologies.

We have already studied that wifi is the term which is the short form of wireless fidelity. Moreover any RF device which transmits the electro-magnetic waves compliant to IEEE 802.11 standards in order to transmit and receive the data from other RF devices is known as wifi device. It transmits/receives the data at short distances and at different data rates as per WLAN protocols. The term WLAN is also used interchangeably for the term wifi. WLAN is the short form of Wireless LAN(Local Area Network).

IEEE 802.11 defines different set of standards, refer outline description of 802.11 family of standards. Also refer MiFi Vs WiFi and WLAN Tutorial for more information.

The other term "-1" mainly infers as loss of 1 dB. This may be the path loss or loss within the RF portion of any device or connectors. The term wi-fi -1 refers to the loss related to any wifi device.

One can also refer dB Vs dBm which mentions relation between the terms dB and dBm.

WIFI-1 Module From Lowrance

The device WiFi-1 is wireless gateway compliant to WiFi standards (11b and 11g). This wifi gateway includes password protected access which allows multiple smartphones or tablets to view the network data. Following are the specifications of wifi-1 module:

•  Supports 802.11 b, 11g
•  Provides single SSID connection
•  Can be used with HDS Gen-2 and Gen-2 touch type displays
•  Consume 200mA power

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