What is tablet PC

This page describes what a common tablet PC is and covers basics of tablet including features, inside components and provide link to manufacturers of tablet PC. Tablet PC is small size computer mainly operated by touch of a finger on the screen and usually will be of palm size.

One can also connect keyboard and mouse using either wireless link or USB port to a tablet PC. Typical tablet PC features to be considered while purchasing are as follows. Figure below depicts basic components inside a tablet PC available.

tablet PC components

Tablet features

Size- Usually the size will be 7 or 10 or 12 inch
Screen- Resistive or capacitive touch screen
Touch technology- Palm recognition or multi-touch recognition
Wireless Connectivity- 2G,3G,4G(LTE), Wifi,GPS
Interfaces- USB
Operating system- Android, iOS, QNX,Windows, BlackBerry
Battery - should have long life
Weight- Should be light
Applications- Games,Utilities,skype,facebook,twitter,email browser supported
Storage- Usually 16GB/64 GB or more
RAM- 1GB/2GB or 4GB
Resolution- 1280 x 800 or 1024 x 768
Processor- available from many companies with difference speed and core technologies(multi core or single core).
Price- should be cheap

Manufacturers of the tablet PC

There are many companies who manufacture tablets with various features as described above. The major companies are Apple,HP,HCL,HTC,samsung,Google,Asus,Sony,Amazon,Research In Motion,microsoft,lenovo,Archos,Toshiba etc. Follow link below for manufacturers of LTE and non LTE tablets with features/specifications.
Tablet PC Manufacturers

What is?

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