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What is ping pong handover | ping pong HO basics

This page describes what is ping pong HO and mentions basics of ping pong handover. It provides link to handover (handoff) types.

As we know when mobile moves from its serving cell to the cell in the other area known as target cell, the call in progress need to be handed over to the target cell. This process is known as handover. Refer types of handoff which covers two main types such as hard handover and soft handover. Also refer soft HO Vs softer HO.

In the area where margin is not properly defined for hystereris between the potential serving cells, ping pong handover occurs. In this zones during ping pong HO traffic will shift forwards and backwards between 2 or more cells until settling on to intended candidate cell.

In this type of ping pong HO, mobile will usually will carry out 5 handovers in each direction before it settles on new cell. This results into increase of signal loading by factor of 5. Hence potential for dropped calls will increase and quality degradation will also increase.

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