What is Labview

Labview is a graphical programming language designed and developed by National Instruments. It uses icons inplace of text. This language labview is mainly used for test automation and various control applications. It has become more popular among industry due to simple and efficient architecture along with its interface to use C language in the backend.

Following are silent features of Labview which help one understand what is a labview programming.

• Support for RS232,RS485,GPIB,VXI,PXI,plug in DAQ devices
• TCP/IP networking ,ActiveX
bull;  One can create executable application,shared libraries for example DLLs
•  Easily interface with RF and other hardware using drivers provided by NI
•  Interfacing with .net and C languages
•  Easy to use GUI based drag and drop programming

Following are some of the building blocks of labview language.

Front Panel: It contains small programming to provide input, view output and tap intermediate results for the user to view/analyze. It will have all the control and indicators.

Block Diagram:It contains all the code part in the form of icons for various different functionalities. It looks like a flowchart.

Labview User Manual

Link to download the user manual for labview learning can be found at:

Labview Tutorial

Labview Programming basics Tutorial - This Labview programming language tutorial covers Labview basics, data type supported in labview and example implementation using labview programming.
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Labview download

Latest version of labview software can be downloaded from national Instruments following link:

What is?

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Useful Links to Labview Source codes

Refer following as well as links mentioned on left side panel for useful labview source codes.
Hex to Binary labview VI   Decimal to Binary labview VI  Number Generator labview VI   Binary to Decimal labview VI  Binary number generator  modulator-demodulator  FFT  up and down sample

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