What is Infrared?

It is used as optical wireless communication medium. This technology is found in a variety of remote control devices used in home, for example TV remote.

There are two main types of infrared applications viz. diffused and directed beam infrared. Data rate of diffused infrared is about 1 to 4 Mbps and distance coverage is about 15 to 60 meters. Data rate of directed beam infrared is about 1 to 10 Mbps and distance coverage is about 25 meters. Infrared occupies about 1 to 400 THz frequency range.

ASK modulation is used. CSMA, token ring are used as access scheme in infrared.

Infrared Applications

Other than remote control for TV, VCR infrared is used for number of applications such as computer devices (mouse, keyboard, headphone etc.), car lock, home automation (door, windows, lights, curtains etc.), toys and more.

This page explains what is a infrared technology and provides useful links.

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