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This page describes compliance testing or FCC,CE,IC,EMI,EMC,RF conformance testing. WLAN,WiMAX,Zigbee,GSM,LTE,Z-wave conformance tests links are also covered. The terms compliance testing and conformance testing is

The purpose of comliance tests is to determine whether device or system under development meets the specifications set aside by the standard regulatory bodies or not. For example RF conformance testing ascertain the RF parts of DUT(Device Under Test) viz. RF transmitter and Receiver. One such example is checking whether transmit spectrum mask meets the radiation requirements at various frequency points or not. Similarly PHY(Physical layer) conformance will does checking for PHY layer portion of the DUT. EMI/EMC does compliance testing as per EMI/EMC limit requirements. Refer EMI vs EMC.

Following is the basic compliance testing or conformance testing block diagram. As shown in the figure, system under test(SUT) or device under test(DUT) is connected with conformance test system(CTS) to perform the compliance tests. For example, to perform comliance testing of wimax subsciber station(SS), wimax base station(BS) emulator is used as CTS. while to test wimax BS, wimax SS emulator is used as CTS.

compliance testing,conformance testing

To perform conformance testing of LTE UE, eNB emulator is used as CTS and to perform testing of LTE eNB, UE emulator is used as CTS. Model 8960 from Keysight(Previously Agilenr) and model CMU-200 from R&S can be used as Conformance Test System(CTS) for testing GSM, CDMA, LTE compliant devices. Refer CMU200 vs 8960 for features of each.

RF,PHY layer compliance testing

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WLAN,WiMAX,LTE,Zigbee,Z-wave,GSM compliance/conformance testing

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