What is Wi-Sun? | Wireless Smart Utility Network

This page describes Wi-Sun basics. The term Wi-Sun is the short form of Wireless Smart Utility Network.

• Wi-Sun is a secure optimized mesh network.
• Wi-Sun is promoted by Wi-Sun Alliance.
• Wi-Sun alliance promotes adoption of open industry standards used for wireless smart utility and smart city applications.
• Applications of Wi-Sun are advanced metering, distribution automation, municipal lighting, smart parking, environmental sensing etc.
• Wi-Sun network is developed as per IEEE 802.15.4g which defines PHY and MAC layer specifications.
• It makes products from multiple vendors interoperate without any issues.

Wi-Sun Field Area Network

Figure-1 depicts Wi-Sun supported field area network. Wi-Sun releases conformance and interoperability specifications for the products developed as per Wi-Sun standards. This helps products from leading companies utilize the same network without having any issues. This reduces cost of installation of the network and hence reduces end user costs.

Due to above, Wi-Sun certified products such as routers, smart meter, municipal lighting, smart parking and line sensor from different vendors can use the same utility network as shown in the figure.


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