What is NFC on my phones | NFC tags | NFC Chip

This page mentions about NFC technology used on mobile phones. NFC contains tag or chip on the mobile phone.

The full form of NFC is Near Field Communication. This technology is used for establishing close range (about 4 inches) communication between wireless devices.

If NFC tag is available on smartphone then smartphones or mobile phones can exchnage information with each other with single tap. There are other applications of NFC as listed below.

Following are the features of NFC technology:
• RF Carrier Frequency : 13.56 MHz
• Bandwidth : 14 KHz
• Communication : Two Way Communication
• Data Rate : 106 Kbps, 212 Kbps, 424 Kbps
• Applications : Online payments, E-Ticket Booking

Features of NFC on my phone

NFC icons

All the smart phone devices such as Google Nexus, Apple smartphones, HTC phones, BlackBerries will have NFC tags embedded. Figure mentions stickers which NFC compliant phones will have with. Any one these icons represent that the device is NFC compliant.

Following Can be done using NFC chip or NFC tag available on my phone:
• Data Communication between two close by mobile devices
• Commands can be programmed on NFC Chip and phone can function as per programming done on NFC device.
• Payments ar parking meter
• Ticket and Boarding pass for airlines and buses
• Opening of doors in the office can be done using NFC compliant security badges, this increases security of the premises.
• Cars such as BMW comes with NFC compliant keys.

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