What is KPI | What are LTE KPIs, key performance indicators

This page describes KPI (key performance indicators) basics including its categories and mentions LTE KPIs. The different test cases of LTE KPI are mentioned for each of the KPI categories.

As mentioned KPI is the short form of Key Performance Indicator. KPIs can be used for the following tasks:

• To monitor and optimize the radio network performance in order to provide better subscriber quality or to achieve better use of installed network resources

• To detect unacceptable performance related issues in the cellular network immediately. This will enable the operator to take rapid actions in order to preserve the quality of the existing network services.

• To Provide radio frequency planners with the detailed information. This will help them configure the network parameters for optimum use.

Typically KPI can be categorized into following subcategories:
• Accessibility
• Retainability
• Integrity
• Availability
• Mobility

What are LTE KPIs

Following table summarizes KPIs for LTE RAN(Radio Access Network). This is used to measure contribution to subscriber perceived quality and system performance.
RAN performance monitoring and control is a very important task for O&M team as well as network engineers.

LTE KPI Test Case
Accessibility • RRC Connection Establishment
• Random Access
• Initial E-RAB Establishment Success Rate
• RRC Connection Establishment Counters
• Initial E-RAB Establishment Success Rate Counters
• Added E-RAB Establishment Success Rate Counters
• Added E-RAB Establishment Success Rate
• S1 Signaling Connection Establishment
Retainability • MME Initiated E-RAB & UE Context Release with counters Description
• UE Session Time
• RBS Initiated E-RAB & UE Context Release with counters Description
• MME & RBS Initiated UE Context Release Flow Chart
• MME & RBS Initiated E-RAB Release Flow Chart
Integrity • EUTRAN Throughput KPIs
• EUTRAN Latency KPIs
• EUTRAN Packet Loss KPIs
Mobility • X2 Based Handover Preparation & Execution
• Intra RBS Handover Preparation & Execution
• Intra Frequency Handover Preparation & Execution Counters
• S1 Based Handover Preparation & Execution
• Intra-frequency intra-LTE S1 & X2 Handover Flowchart
• Inter Frequency Handover Preparation & Execution Counters
• Inter-frequency intra-LTE S1 & X2 Handover Flowchart
Availability • Partial cell availability (node restarts excluded)

In this page, we have gone through KPI basics such as what is KPI definition, its categories and LTE KPIs. Also refer 5G KPIs and GSM KPI for more information on KPIs in 5G NR and GSM technologies.


For complete details on LTE KPIs mentioned above refer following link on academia after registration.
Refer tutorial on LTE KPI.


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