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What is IP500 | Basics of IP500 wireless network

This page describes IP500 basics. The IP500 wireless network is used for monitoring and sensing devices and building automation.

• IP500 is a wireless IPV6 based mesh sensor network which is developed for low power applications in commercial buildings.
• It grants sustainability through usage of IPV6 standards.
• It is a mesh network for lossless and redundant data connection.
• It provides full security through encrypted communication.
• The IP500 products can be seamlessly integrated in existing building management systems.
• It can combine both wired and wireless network to meet interoperability requirements.
• IP500 wireless network can easily be setup and installed based on open standards.

IP500 building management system

Figure-1 depicts IP500 implementation as building management system. This IP500 system will have following features:
• It grants or denies access to individual in office.
• It also informs which room/floor he/she need to go through screen display.
• IP500 based building management system has features such as elevator levels, temperature level, number of people present in the building (including employee/visitors), garage status (free/occupied), how many systems are up/down etc.
• In addition system will have following multiple emergency related features/devices:
-Combustion detection
-Alarm (both audible/optical)
-auto call to firebrigade
-auto elevator for people towards floors having open doors
-Opens emergency exits and closes firedoors
-Open turnstiles
-display emergency information
-open air ducts
-actuate ventilation
-switch off gas supply
-switch off main supply
-light up escape route
-engage extinguishing system
-engage evacuation systems
-check evacuation status
All the above alarms can be monitored using easy to use application in the smartphone.


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