What is Digital Radio Mondiale features | DRM Architecture

This page mentions basic features of Digital Radio Mondiale. It mentions DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) architecture. It mentions DRM transmitter block diagram.

The DRM is open standard developed by ETSI for digital audio broadcasting in narrow band. It is developed to replace analog FM broadcasting. It transmits audio in short wave and medium wave. It supports various bandwidths ranging from 4.5 KHz, 5 KHz, 9 KHz, 10 KHz, 18 KHz and 20 KHz in four different modes. These different bandwidths provide support for different bit rates viz. 9 to 10 KHz bandwidth supports bit rate from 8 to 20 Kbps, 2 to 4 KHz bandwidth supports 2 to 4 kbps and 18 to 20 KHz supports 20 to 80 Kbps.

DRM provides near FM sound quality. Other than audio, data can be displayed on DRM receiver. The DRM specifications support very efficient audio coding techniques viz. Meltzer Moser MPEG-4, HE AAC V2, HVXC (Harmonic Vector Excitation Coding) , CELP (Code Excited Linear Prediction) etc. DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) supports HTML pages , streaming data etc.

Digital Radio Mondiale transmitter | DRM Architecture

Digital Radio Mondiale, DRM architecture

The figure-1 depicts DRM architecture. • As shown DRM transmitter consists of different encodings and physical layer blocks. The audio, data, FAC and SDC informations will traverse through these stages before transmission into the air.
• DRM system consists of three paths viz. MSC, SDC and FAC.
• MSC (Main Service Channel) carry multiplexed audio and data. MSC uses unequal error protection where in multiplexed frame carry two different levels of protected data i.e. lower protected and higher protected.
• SDC (Service Description Channel) carries information needed to decode MSC part.
• FAC (Fast Access Channel) carries OFDM properties and SDC/MSC configurations. It is limited to about 72 bits per frame.

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