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It is used for data communication between wireless devices. It works for short distances and used for low power applications. It uses ISM band 2400 to 2480 MHz, hence bluetooth has become very popular throughout the world. Bandwidth of each physical channel is about 1 MHz, which gives US and most part of europe total of 79 channels in 2.4 to 2.4835 GHz frequency band.

The technology is used by wireless Personal Area Network devices and is as per IEEE 802.15.1 standard specifications. Bluetooth support both voice and data applications making it further popular. Modulation scheme used in baseband is GFSK. Frequency hopping is also employed to avoid effect of multipath.

With Bluetooth about 8 devices can communicate within coverage of about 10 meters. With latest class of bluetooth devices distance coverage of about 100 meters are also achievable. There are various versions of Bluetooth devices, version 1.0 supports about 1 Mbps and version 2.0 supports about 3 Mbps data rate.TDD-TDMA access method is used by bluetooth devices.

Bluetooth Applications

Wireless Headset

Wireless keyboard, mouse and printer

Communication between mobile phone and hands-free headset.

Replacement of RS232, infrared and USB cable technologies.

Audio player devices

Makes device compatible with Bluetooth standard so that USB cables are avoided for data transfer and data can be exchanged wirelessly.

Bluetooth Protocol Stack

Bluetooth protocol stack is divided into two main parts as mentioned below.

1. Core protocols include Radio,Baseband(Physical layer),LMP(Link Manager Protocol) ,L2CAP(Logical Link Control and adaptation protocol) ,SDP(Service Discovery Protocol).

2. RFCOMM as cable replacement protocol layer

3. Telephony Control Specification Binary - TCS BIN

4. Existing protocols- PPP, TCP,UDP,IP,OBEX,WAE/WAP


Bluetooth SIG website- www.bluetooth.org

IEEE 802.15.1 - www.ieee.org

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