Waveguide Adapter

As we know waveguide adapter is a device which provides interface between two different transmission lines so that Electro-magnetic waves having different modes in them can be coupled from one line to the other and vice versa.

Microstrip circuits are very popular for RF circuit designs at higher frequencies. Sometimes it is required to feed higher power at these frequencies. This can not be done using coaxial line. Hence the same is done by using Waveguide Adapter which will interface waveguide with the microstrip circuits in different ways. It takes care of EM wave mode conversions between microstrip and waveguide. For more refer Waveguide to microstrip transition.

waveguide adapter

Often it is required to interface coaxial line probe into the waveguide for feeding the power and other useful tuning need. To achieve this coaxial line to waveguide adapter is needed. This adapter converts mode of coaxial line which is TEM mode to the mode of waveguide which is TE based on the probe position and vice versa. For more refer Coaxial to waveguide transition.

Waveguide adapter is needed to interface different waveguide domensions. Refer waveguide dimensions for rectangular waveguide as per USA standard including frequency, broad dimension and narrow dimension. Adapter is also required to interface two different types of waveguides i.e. rectangular waveguide to circular waveguide and vice versa.


Waveguide couplers, tees are needed other than waveguide adapters for providing connectivity between waveguide systems. Refer following links for the same.
Waveguide Coupler
Waveguide Tee
coaxial to Waveguide Adapter

Waveguide Adapter manufacturers

Following are reputed manufacturers of waveguide adapter of various types including waveguide to coaxial, waveguide to waveguide etc. It covers various flange configurations and end launchers.
•  Maury Microwave,
•  Narda Microwave,
•  Sierra Microwave
•  Quinstar
•  Ducommun Technologies
•  Miwave Techno Ventures
•  Advanced Technical Materials, Inc.(www.atmmicrowave.com)
•  Flann Microwave Ltd.
•  Microtech, Inc.
•  Microwave Development Laboratories
•  Pasternack Enterprises,Inc.
•  CERNEX, Inc. Sunnyvale,CA.
•  Microwave Devices, Inc.

Waveguide basic learning

For types of waveguide viz. rectangular & circular, waveguide propagation modes, impedance matching of waveguide read following waveguide tutorial.
waveguide basics tutorial

Manufacturers of waveguide components such as waveguide to coaxial adapter, coupler, flanges, gasket, tees, termination, shorts, isolator, circulator, horn antenna, attenuator, feed-thrus, bends, loads, twists, straights, pressure windows, transformers, sliding short circuits, fixed short circuits, sliding mismatches etc. visit following link.
Waveguide components manufacturer

Rectangular waveguide dimensions as per USA standard including frequency, broad dimension and narrow dimensions, visit following link.
Waveguide dimensions table

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