virtual phone service

The virtual phone service is the provision of enhancing the existing telecom facility to have luxurious feel by the customers. This is achieved using virtual phone system.Following features are unique for this kind of system.

The virtual phone service will help small business establishments to save the cost of installing traditional PBX based telephone systems.The virtual phone system can easily be installed at very affordable cost.

The virtual phone system can easily be integrated with any mobile phone.This helps run the business at affordable price and with advanced features.

When the caller dials your number, he or she will be greeted with virtual auto attender or receptionist. Automatic voice mail system helps caller select the desired extension. It will route the call accordingly to the selection made or provide connection with customer care representative. This gives everlasting impression to the caller about your business concern.

This virtual phone service help in eliminating the expensive traditional actual PBX based phone system and at the same time provide all the benefits of actual phone system. Now because of this service, virtual phone system helps start-up businesses to run their business through their cellular mobile phone itself. This service gives a impression to the caller as if it is well known established and reputed company.


•  Easy to install
•  Cheap in cost
•  continuous improvement in features by host company
•  extra software or hardware is not required

Virtual phone system features

•   virtual receptionist
•   customized greetings
•   changeable caller ID
•   music on hold
•   call blocking
•   Unlimited capacity
•   Unlimited extensions
•   call queuing and ring tones
•   call forwarding
•   call transfer
•   call recording
•   smart phone app
•   make outbound calls
•   fax send and receive support
•   conference calls

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