tablet vs laptop | Difference between tablet and laptop

This page compares tablet vs laptop and mentions difference between tablet and laptop. This comparison between tablet and laptop is useful to make purchase decision. The page mentions features of microsoft surface pro 4 tablet and lenovo Yoga 300 laptop.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Tablet

microsoft surface pro 4 tablet

Figure-1 depicts microsoft surface Pro 4 tablet device. Following are the few of the features of the tablet device.
• 12.3 inch display
• Intel Core M3 Processor
• 5 MP Front Camera and 8MP Rear Camera
• 2736 x 1824 pixels resolution
• 128GB storage
• 292.1 x 201.42 x 8.45 mm dimensions
• 766 gm weight
• Windows 10 Operating System
• Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth, Headphones
• Sensors:Accelerometer, ambient light sensor available
• Price: $899 as on July,2016

lenovo Yoga 300 laptop

Lenovo Yoga 300 laptop

Figure-2 depicts lenovo Yoga 300 laptop. Following are the few of the features of the laptop device.
• 11.6 inch display
• Intel Pentium N3540p, 2.16GHz, Quadcore
• 0.3M WEBCAM, HD with Digital MIC
• 1366 x 768 pixels resolution
• 4GB RAM DDR3L, 1333MHz RAM speed
• 500GB storage
• 299 x 209 x 21.8 mm dimensions
• 1.4 Kg weight
• Windows 8.1, 64-bit Operating System
• Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, LAN
• Price: $299 to $399 depends on RAM , as on July 2016

Difference between tablet and laptop

Following table describes difference between tablet and laptop in general.

Specifications Tablet Laptop
Definition It is a touchscreen device which runs smartphone based OS (Operating System) and it depends on applications to provide user needs and perform major functions. It does same tasks as laptop does. It is mobile computing device which relies on one or more wireless standards to provide communication.It is categorized into two types. Larger and heavier are capable of better performance while thinner and lighter provides better life of battery.
size of screen smaller usually 7 or 10 inch larger usually 15 or 17 inch
Weight Light, usually 1 to 2 pounds Heavy, usually 5 to 8 pounds
Storage Limited, usually 8-64 GBytes Unlimited, usually 320 GBytes to 1 TBytes
speed Slower, if single core processors are used. Faster, uses multi-core processors typically.
Battery Longer usually 5-9 Hours Shorter usually 1-3 Hours
Keyboard On screen keyboard full sized physical keyboard
CD/DVDs Not available included in most of the laptops
Connectivity None or limited no. of ports available to provide external device connectivity Multiple USB ports, HDMI and other ports are available to provide external device connectivity
Security, Malware Smaller risk Greater risk
Cost It is about $149 to $999 based on features and manufacturer It is about $499 to $1399 based on features and manufacturer
Applications Limited, some regular PC (desktop) programs are not available ot compliant with tablets. Large selection of fully functional applications are available.
Ideal to be used for • travelling people who would like to enjoy playing games, watching movies, listening music, web browsing etc. while on the go.
• People who would like to always connect with their families and friends using social media apps.
• People having need of less computing resources as fun
• People in need of more computing resources.
• People who prefer uncluttered workspaces.

Conclusion: This table compares tablet vs laptop features of microsoft surface 4 pro tablet and lenovo Yoga 300 laptop provide basic comparison or difference between tablet and laptop devices. The choice to buy tablet or laptop depends on individual need. There are tablets which provide all the features of a laptop. Hence ideally one should buy such tablet. Microsoft surface Pro 4 tablet is one among such tablets which provides almost all the functionalities of a laptop.


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