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difference between cloud app and web app-cloud app vs web app

This page compares cloud app vs web app and mentions similarity and difference between cloud app and web app. The examples of both cloud applications and web applications are also mentioned.

Both cloud app and web app are applications used to access online services and/or resources over internet. There are few common differences between cloud app and web app as described below.

Cloud App | Cloud Application

bropbox, a cloud app

• The cloud app does not require web browsers. It can be opened with and without web browsers.
• It can fetch the data from any cloud storage servers. It can also save or store the data in the cloud.
• The data can be catched locally in order to have full offline mode.
• Wide services are suppored which include storage, on demand computing, app development platforms etc.
• Various user needs are supported which include compression, security, schedule based backup etc.
• Figure-1 depicts dropbox, one of the cloud apps used widely for online storage of files so that one can have uninterrupted work on the files when they are at home or in office.

Examples of cloud app:
• Dropbox,
• Salesforce,
• Mozy,
• Netsuite etc.

Web App | Web Application

webex, a web app

• The web app uses any of the web browsers to open the UI (User Interface) screen. Web app can be considered as sub set of cloud apps.
• The UI is used to monitor and control any developed parameters or functions in the application.
• The data storage can be done in the web servers.
• The client side script (written in HTML/CSS, JS etc.) and server side script (written in PHP, ASP etc.) are used to develop web app.
• Figure-2 depicts webex, one of the web apps used widely for online meetings.

Examples of web app:
• Online shopping using ebay, flipkart web pages or apps,
• Electronic banking,
• Webex etc.

From the similarities and differences one can conclude that, cloud apps are used as web apps as they also use web browsers but all the web apps are not necessary to be cloud apps.

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