RF semi-rigid cable vs flexible cable | difference between semi rigid cable and flexible cable

This page compares RF semi-rigid cable vs flexible cable and mentions difference between semi rigid cable and flexible cable used in RF wireless testing. Both are coaxial cable types.

RF Semi-rigid cable

semi rigid cable

The semi-rigid cable will have outer conductor with solid sheath of extruded metal(usually copper). Outer conductor and center conductor will be made of different materials.

This cable type is hard to form in the desired shape. Also utmost care is taken care while bending. This semi-rigid cable first cut to the required size and later bent to desired shape as per specification and drawing available.

After the shaping heat is applied to this semirigid RF cable to expand the dielectric. Desired RF connectors are attached on both the sides or either side as per need in the system.

RF Semi-flexible cable

semi flexible cable

This type of coaxial cable uses braided outer conductor. This flexible cable has less phase stability compare to semi-rigid cable. This cable is much easier to use.

Unlike semi-rigid type of cable, this cable uses mechanical means to attach the connectors. The methods are crimp on fitting or screw on fitting.

The exterior braid coated with solder on the outer conductor near the connectors will make this cable same as semirigid cable type. The demerit of this type of cable is limited number of bends are allowed.

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