4G/5G Phased Array Antenna Basics,Types for Base station,Smartphone

This page covers Phased Array Antenna basics and types. It mentions short notes on 4G/5G Basestation Array Antenna and 4G/5G Smartphone Antenna.

The structure composed of collection of radiation elements which are fed with specific amplitude and phase is known as array antenna. The EM fields from these individual radiation elements are combined to form radiation pattern at a specific distance from them. It forms radiation pattern in far field region.

In Phased array antenna, main radiation beam can be altered electrically in any desired direction by varying excitation phases of individual EM waves fed to the radiation elements. Array architectures of this type can have beam scanning rates in millisecond range.

Phased Array Antenna Types

There are four types of array antennas viz. linear array, circular array, planar array and conformal array based on position and shape of radiation elements.

Linear array: In this type of array antenna, radiation elements are arranged in a single line.
Circular array: In this type, radiation elements are arranged in circular pattern.
Planar array: In this type, radiating elements are arranged in two dimensional grid.
Conformal array: In this type, radiating elements are arranged in 3D surface.

4G/5G Basestation Array Antenna

linear array antenna configuration

The figure-2 depicts linear array antenna. As shown in the figure, multiple radiating elements are arranged in single line. Phase and amplitude of each radiation elements are varied to steer the beam in desired direction. This is done using beam steering computer or controlling system. The feed antenna array system is connected with transmitter and receiver modules as shown.

4G/5G stands for 4th generation and 5th generation of wireless systems. The multibeam antenna arrays of various types are used in Basestation for transmission and reception. They are referred as 4G/5G basestation array antenna.

Basestation Array Antennas

The figure depicts basestation array antennas of different types. It shows adaptive antenna and multibeam antenna. Adaptive antenna uses space diversity concept and covers 360 degree region using three spacially seperated antenna array systems.

4G/5G Smartphone Antenna

There are different types of antennas used as 4G/5G smartphone antennas. The most common designs among them are inverted-F antenna (IFA) or slot antenna. The patch antenna design is also used in mobile phones or smartphones.
Refer Mobile Patch Antenna Design➤ for more information.

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