Mobile battery charger

Battery is the source of energy for the mobile phone circuitry and subsystems. The success of battery technologies greatly depends on the battery material, float life, temperature stability and safety. Most of the mobile phone battery packs have a rating of 3.6 V, 650 mAH.

mobile battery charger

Performance of a mobile battery is measured in terms of talk time (in dedicated mode) and standby time (in idle mode). Cell phone batteries have different weight, lifetime, talk time and thickness.

Batteries are available either in primary cell form or rechargeable battery form. Rechargeable batteries are made using materials such as NiCd (Nickel Cadmium), NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride), Li-Ion (Lithium-Ion) and Li-Polymer (Lithium Polymer).

Figure depicts typical mobile battery charger circuit used widely for charging the batteries of the mobile phones.

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