difference between microwave multiplexer and microwave diplexer

This page on microwave multiplexer vs microwave diplexer describes difference between microwave multiplexer and microwave diplexer.

multiplexer demultiplexer

Figure-1 depicts simple multiplexer and demultiplexer. As shown in the figure, multiplexer does multiplexing of more than one channels(usually low rate) over one single output channel (high rate). The same channels are segregated or demultiplexed at the other end with the use of demultiplexer. There are various ways of multiplexing such as FDM, TDM etc. Refer FDM vs TDM for more.

Microwave diplexers and microwave multiplexers filter out and separate the multiple frequency channels or bands in a common transmission line to direct each channel to its proper output port.

In the reverse direction these systems can combine signals of different frequencies at separate input channels into a single output port.

These systems microwave multiplexer as well as microwave diplexer are essential when transmitting multiple different frequency signals through a single transmission medium for example antenna or transmission line.

Signals to be multiplexed in the multiplexer are contiguous but will not overlap. Typically, microwave multiplexers are implemented in circular or rectangular waveguide structure or on PCB or as ceramic structures.

Microwave Multiplexer

The device which multiplexes the microwave RF signals is referred as microwave multiplexer. Band pass filters having narrow bandwidth and sharp rolloff specifications are employed in each channel to filter out desired frequency components and reject the unwanted out of band signals.

Microwave Diplexer

The microwave diplexer is also same as the microwave multiplexer but it will have two channels rather than many. Also refer diplexer vs duplexer for more information.

Microwave diplexers are used for separating or combining transmitted and received signals in a single antenna communications or radar systems.

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