Medical RF connectors-SMB,MCX,AMC,Non-magnetic connectors

This page describes Medical RF connectors.These include SMB,MCX,AMC,Non-magnetic connectors used for medical RF applications.

The following table mentions features of medical RF connectors as mentioned.

Medical RF Connector type Description
SMB This type is ideal for thick layouts. It is available in 50 Ohm and provides 360 degree of rotation. It allows easy un-mating and mating.
MCX/MMCX Used where physical space is limited. available in 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm versions.
AMC AMC cable is used for board to board connections in space constrained devices. They are available for 50 Ohm system.
Non-Magnetic These coaxial medical RF connectors are used to carry RF signal within magnetic field of MRI equipment. This application need higher SNR. These are available for 50 Ohm. These connectors are tested for magnetism before shipping. They are available for SMB,MMCX and MCX interfaces.

These medical RF connectors are used for following technologies.
MRI: It stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. In this technique, RF signal is transmitted to the patient under strong magnetic field. This causes hydrogen atoms in the human body to rotate in the same direction. This helps produce image. This is often referred as MRI scan. The radio signal is received using MRI coil which is in contact with human body whose image to be developed.

Wireless Patient Monitoring: Using this technique patients vital signs reports are generated from remote location and hence patients presense in the hospital is minimized unless it is essential. This technique has reduced or avoided the hospital cost to the greater extent. The devices based on this technique operates in ISM frequency bands.

IMD(Implantable Medical Devices): These devices are placed in the human body under the skin. Examples: Neurostimulators, pacemakers, Glucose meters etc.

Hospital Equipment(RFID): Using RFID technology, tags are sticked on all the hospital equipments. Using this technique all the equipments are easily accessible and hence they are used efficiently.

Medical RF connector manufacturers

Following are the medical RF connector manufacturers. They also manufactures cable assembly for medical market.
• Amphenol RF
• Molex
• Radiall
• IMS Connector System
• BTC Electronic Components
• Winchester Electronics

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