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Magnetron vs crossed field amplifier-Difference between magnetron and crossed field amplifier

This page on Magnetron vs crossed field amplifier(CFA) describes difference between magnetron and crossed field amplifier.

Magnetron crossed field amplifier(CFA)
magnetron is used in communication equipment and radar transmitter as pulsed or CW oscillator to derive high power output CFA is used in intermediate or final stage in high power radar systems.
Magnetron is an oscillator with single RF output connection. crossed field amplifier is a microwave power amplifier with both RF input and output connections.
In magnetron, continuous interaction between RF field and beam of electrons take place over the entire length. In crossed field amplifier, RF field remains stationary.
Magnetron does not have slow wave structure. CFA has slow wave structure similar to TWT. Forward wave CFA uses helix while backward wave CFA use bar line.

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