Piconet vs Scatternet-Difference between Piconet and Scatternet

This page compares piconet vs scatternet concept used in bluetooth and mentions difference between piconet and scatternet bluetooth network types.

Bluetooth Piconet

Bluetooth Piconet

It is a basic unit of bluetooth networking. Devices function as master and slave in piconet. There are two configurations viz. one master and one slave or one master and multiple slaves. Master will determine channel and phase. Figure-1 depicts bluetooth piconet structure.

As piconet will have 3 bits. This means piconet can have maximum 8 devices. This includes 1 master and 7 slave bluetooth devices.

Bluetooth Scatternet

Bluetooth Scatternet

The bluetooth network consisting of one or more piconets is known as scatternet. The devices in one piconet type may function as master or slave in another piconet type of the same scatternet. This bluetooth network type allows many devices to share the same network area. This will allow efficient use of the bandwidth. Figure-2 depicts bluetooth scatternet structure.

As scatternet is interconnection of multiple piconets, it can accommodate more than 8 devices.

Tabular difference between Piconet and Scatternet

Following table mentions difference between Piconet and Scatternet in bluetooth.

Piconet Scatternet
In this bluetooth network, device can function either as master or slave. In this bluetooth network, device can function as master or slave or (master+slave)
It serves smaller coverage area. It serves larger coverage area.
It supports maximum 8 nodes. It supports more than 8 nodes.
It allows less efficient use of available bluetooth channel bandwidth. It allows more efficient use of available bluetooth channel bandwidth.

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