difference between digitizer,DAQ and digital Oscilloscope

This page compares digitizer,DAQ and digital oscilloscope and provide difference between digitizer,DAQ and digital Oscilloscope.

Before we proceed for comparison between digitizer and DAQ systems refer digitizer basics.

Specification Digitizer DAQ device
Sampling type Simultaneous sampling mostly multiplex sampling is used, simultaneous sampling is rarely used
Sampling rate higher, typically 20MSPS and above Lower, typically 10MSPS or less
Timing circuit More accurate Less accurate
Onboard memory Larger Smaller
No.of channels Less More
Additional functionalities Few digital I/Os Digital I/O channels, analog I/O channels, counters/timers
Rearm time (Referred as timing between two triggers) Faster Slower
Vertical range (referred as input voltage range which can be measured) Wider, upto 50V Smaller, about 10V

Following are the difference between Digitizer and digital Oscilloscope.

Specification Digitizer Oscilloscope
Onboard processing capability Limited Better
Waveform analysis Data acquired can be offline analyzed w.r.t. various parameters Rich set of functions like multiple triggering options, waveform analysis, advanced signal acquisition
Measurement throughput High Low
Flexibility Less More
User interface(UI) Poor UI Better UI
Cost of Ownership Lower Higher
Integration Better with systems providing external processing compare to oscilloscope -
Application Large data processing, refer basics of data loggers Troubleshooting

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