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NFC vs RFID-Difference between NFC and RFID technologies

Both NFC and RFID technologies are used for low data rate short range wireless communications. There are different types of signalling modes such as NFC-A, NFC-B and NFC-F under NFC. NFC-A resembles to RFID type-A and NFC-B resembles to RFID type-B. Following are the major difference between NFC and RFID. NFC operates at the same RFID readers and tags operating in HF band.


Full Form: Near Field Communication
System Components: Reader and Tag referred as initiator and target
Maximum Operating Range: 10 cm
NFC Operating Frequency: 13.56 MHz
Directional communication: Two way
Bit rate: 106, 212, 424 Kbps
Applications: Information sharing, contactless payment, smart marketing posters, NFC enabled smart phones

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Full Form: Radio Frequency Identification
System Components : Tag, Reader and Antenna
Maximum Operating Range: 3 meter
RFID Operating Frequency: <135KHz, 13.56MHz,2.45GHz, 5.8GHz, 860 to 960 MHz, 433 MHz
Directional communication: One way
Bit rate: depends on FM0 or Miller encoding techniques. It is 40 Kbps to 640 Kbps for FM0, 20-320Kbps(For Miller , M=2) , 10-160Kbps(For Miller, M=4), 5-80Kbps (For Miller, M=8)
Applications: Asset and tool tracking, attendee tracking, inventory management, race timing, access control.

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