Gunn vs Impatt vs Trapatt vs Baritt-difference between Gunn diode, Impatt diode, Trapatt diode and Baritt diode types

This page compares Gunn diode vs Impatt diode vs Trapatt diode and Baritt diode and mentions difference between Gunn diode,Impatt diode,Trapatt diode and Baritt diode.

Specifications Gunn diode Impatt diode Trapatt diode Baritt diode
Bandwidth 2% of RF center frequency 1/10th of RF center frequency - Narrow
1 to 100GHz 0.5 to 100GHz 1 to 10GHz 4 to 8GHz
Efficiency - 3% in CW, 60% in pulsed mode 20 to 60% pulsed mode Low(about 2%)
Output power few watts(continuous wave),
100 to 200Watt(pulsed)
1 Watt(CW), 400Watt(Pulsed) Several 100Watt(pulsed) Low(mWatt)
Noise figure - High, 30dB High, 60dB Less noisy than IMPATT diode(<15dB)
Basic semiconductors GaAs, InP Si, Ge, GaAs, InP Si Si, metal
Construction n+ nn+ GaAs single crystal n+ pip+ reverse bias p-n junction p+ nn++ or n+ p p+ reverse bias p-n junction p-n-p or p-n-i-p, or p-n metal or metal-n-metal
forward bias p-n junction
Harmonics - Less Strong Less
Ruggedness Yes Yes Yes Yes
Size Small Small Small Small
Application Oscillator Amplifier, Oscillator Oscillator Local Oscillator

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