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This page describes how to find cell phone tower locator app and use it. The cell tower locator helps to find cell phone towers near me. It shows cell phone tower map to easy find cellular towers to select in order to obtain the service.

Introduction: We are aware that our mobile phone connects with cellular tower to provide us voice and data services. In certain conditions, it becomes essential to determine cell phone towers near to us. This is required when we do not get proper signal in our mobile phone from neighbour cell towers. There are many ways one can check this. The easiest way is to download and install the application from google play store or any other stores.

The cell tower locator app runs in mobile phone, tablet or laptop or desktop. It requires internet connection to work as desired.

Following are the generic features of cell phone tower locator.
• It displays approx. position of cell towers on the MAP.
• It depicts cell towers of various wireless standards such as GSM (2G), WCDMA (3G), LTE (4G) etc.
• It mentions cell IDs, GPS location, signal strength received at mobile or laptop or tablet.
• It usually displays information of 3 cells.
• Some app also provide wifi information.

Following table mentions list of cell phone tower locators available on google play store.

Cell Phone tower locator Developed by
Network Cell Info Lite Wilysis
Cell Tower Locator Vitaly V (as explained below)
Tower location and Lat Long Aypdev
CellMapper CelMapper.net
Network Signal Info KAIBITS Software GmbH

One of the cell phone tower locator map has been explained here below.

cell phone tower locator App | cell tower locator app

➨Go to Google play store and search for "Cell Phone Tower Locator". You will get many apps. Download the one with snapshot mentioned in figure-1.

cell phone tower locator 1

➨Click on the Install button and the apps get installed automatically with icon on the screen. When you open the app it looks like as shown in the figure-2.

cell phone tower locator 3

➨ As shown it displays the serving cell information (as per SIM in your cell phone) as well as neighbour cell informations.
➨The figure-2 displays serving vodafone cell information with MCC and MNC. It also depicts two other cell informations. HSPA cell is shown with ARFCN and RSSI.

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