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This page describes bluetooth sniffer basics. It covers operation of bluetooth packet sniffer. The vendors and manufacturers of bluetooth sniffer are also mentioned.

The bluetooth sniffer captures and analyzes bluetooth packet transmitted over the air by nearby bluetooth devices. The sniffer consists of bluetooth hardware and software application to display the useful bluetooth PHY, MAC and upper layer informations.

As we know the sniffer analyzes the entire protocol stack, it is recommended to understand Bluetooth protocol Stack and operation of bluetooth and bluetooth smart/Bluetooth Low Energy technologies.
Refer BLE tutorial and difference between BLE and Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Packet sniffer Application Note

Bluetooth Sniffer

The figure-1 depicts nRF Bluetooth® Smart Sniffer from Nordic Semiconductor. As shown in the figure it comes with hardware and software application which pickes up bluetooth packet from the air between two connected and communicating devices. This is done even-if the link is in encryption mode.

This bluetooth Low Energy Sniffer lists out following parameters:
•Nearby BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) device addresses
•Address type
•complete or short name

The company supplies two bluetooth sniffer hardware modules:
Evaluation Kit (Part No: PCA10001) Development kit dongle (Part No: PCA10000)

The company supplies nRFgo studio which is compliant with window7 or late versions of operating systems. One can refer bluetooth sniffer user manual supplied by the company for effective operation of the same.

vendors or manufacturers of Bluetooth sniffer

Following table lists out vendors/manufacturers of bluetooth sniffer software and hardware providers.

Company Bluetooth sniffer description
Frontline Test Equipment, Inc. FTS4BT™ Bluetooth® Protocol Analyzer and Bluetooth Packet Sniffer
Texas Instruments SmartRF Packet Sniffer for Bluetooth, Zigbee, RF4CE
Adafruit BLUETOOTH LOW ENERGY Sniffer (BLE V4.0), Model: NRF51822
Perytons Bluetooth Smart Protocol Analyzer or BLE sniffer
Nordic Semiconductor As explained above in the application note

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