Zigbee Cluster ID List | Zigbee Cluster IDs table

This page mentions zigbee cluster ID list in table format.It mentions zigbee cluster IDs for standard and manufacturer specific clusters in table format. Refer zigbee protocol stack and Zigbee tutorial to understand zigbee technology.

The cluster in zigbee is responsible for data communication. The cluster ID is 16 bits in size. One cluster will have one or more than one attributes. These attributes physically execute commands. The cluster is defined as input/output when profile is generated. The direction of cluster depends on purpose/function of the device as per ZDO configuration process. These cluster IDs range from 0x0000 to 0xFFFF as mentioned below.

• Zigbee Cluster IDs 0x0000 to 0x7FFF - It is used as zigbee standard cluster
• Zigbee Cluster IDs 0x8000 to 0xFBFF - reserved for future
• Zigbee Cluster IDs 0xFC00 to 0xFFFF - Manufacturer specific

Zigbee Cluster IDs table

Following table mentions Zigbee Cluster IDs.

Domain Zigbee Cluster IDs Description
Generic 0x0000 Basic
0x0001 Power configuration
0x0002 Device temperature configuration
0x0003 Indentify
0x0004 Groups
0x0005 Scenes
0x0006 ON/OFF
0x0007 ON/OFF Switch configuration
0x0008 Level Control
0x0009 Alarms
0x000A Time
0x000B RSSI Location
Closures 0x0100 Shade Configuration
HVAC 0x0200 Pump Configuration and Control
0x0201 Thermostat
0x0202 Fan control
0x0203 Dehumidification Control
0x0204 Thermostat User Interface Configuration
Lighting 0x0300 Color Control
0x0301 Ballast Configuration
Measurement and sensing 0x0400 Luminance Measurement
0x0401 Luminance Level Sensing
0x0402 Temperature Measurement
0x0403 Pressure Measurement
0x0404 Flow Measurement
0x0405 Relative Humidity Measurement
0x0406 Occupancy Sensing
Security and Safety 0x0500 IAS Zone
0x0501 IAS ACE
0x0502 IAS WD

Also refer zigbee profile ID list which mentions profile IDs and device IDs.

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