What is the difference between Bluetooth LE Audio and Classic Audio ?

This page mentions difference between Bluetooth LE Audio and Classic Audio.

Introduction: People around the world are suffering from hearing loss. Hearing aid companies are working towards hearing loss prevention and techniques. They are also working to encourage people having hearing loss to participate in conversations without any troubles.

Bluetooth SIG and hearing aid industries have defined bluetooth audio which offers high quality sound at low energy consumption. There are two modes operation viz. LE audio and classic audio.

Following are the major difference between Bluetooth LE Audio and Classic Audio.
➨LE audio operates on BLE radio where as class audio operates on bluetooth classic radio known as BR/EDR bluetooth.
➨LE audio uses LC3 codec where as classic audio uses SBC codec. LC3 codec stands for Low Complexity COmmunications Codec. SBC stands for subband codec.
➨LE audio offers improvement to class audio products such as wireless calling/ listening/ watching.

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