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What is optimal distance between antenna and radome ?

This page mentions optimal distance between antenna and radome. It also mentions formula for distance between Antenna and Radome.

What is Antenna Radome?

Radome is protective enclosure which is transparent to EM waves and used to protect antenna from harsh atmospheric conditions.

Horn Antenna Radome Parabolic Antenna Radome

The figures depict horn antenna radome and parabolic antenna radome.

Radome thickness calculation formula

The formula to calculate radar radome thickness is mentioned above.

What is optimal distance between antenna and radome ?

distance between antenna and radome

Optimal distance between antenna and radome minimizes effects of reflections caused due to radome. Effects will become minimal when returned waves at antenna are in-phase with transmitted waves.

The formula for optimal distance is mentioned above.

For Fc = 24.125 GHz, we will get λ0 = 12.4 mm
➨This gives us dm equal to 6.2 mm
➨Distances <6.2mm should be avoided while distances >6.2mm are not as critical to use.

➨Also refer calculator to calculate radome thickness >>.

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