What is TEM?

This page explains what is TEM(Transverse Electromagnetic) and provides useful links.

As we know that electrical signals are propagated from one place to the other in various forms as mentioned below:
•  in the form of current/voltage through conductors(of transmission lines)
•  in the form of guided electromagnetic waves through waveguides/fiber optic
•  in the form of radiated electromagnetic waves through space using antennas

Electromagnetic wave propagation mainly depends on medium between transmitting and receiving ends. The electrical parameters of the medium which will have effect on the EM waves are σ , ε and μ.

TEM Transverse Electromagnetic mode

In free space, at a large distance away from the source, propagation takes place in Transverse Electromagnetic mode (TEM mode). The same is depicted in the figure. In TEM mode, E and H fields are orthogonal to each other and both are perpendicular to the direction of propagation.


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