What is Solar LiFi? | Data transmission using Solar LiFi

This page explains basics of Solar LiFi.It describes data transmission using solar LiFi technology. It mentions typical solar LiFi internet setup and differences from existing LiFi.

We already know that LiFi technology is used for data transmission using light. Data is carried by light signal as variation in brightness. LiFi technology is using LED lamp as transmitter of data and Photodiode based LiFi device as receiver of the data.

In order to have LiFi internet, LED lamp is driven using LED lamp driver connected with internet servers.

Li-Fi R&D Centre of University of Edinburgh has recently developed wireless data communication using solar energy. This concept utilizes the power of existing LiFi technology and predominantly available solar cells for various applications.

Solar LiFi will use solar cell in place of photodiode conventionally used in LiFi technology. This technology will take advantage of large availability of solar cells in IoT products e.g. cars, street lights etc.

Solar LiFi Internet

Solar LiFi technology

• Figure depicts typical set up for solar wifi based internet technology.

• As shown here solar cell decodes encoded data transmitted by LED lamp. The data is encoded with sudden change of brightness of light signal.

• Solar panel is connected with laptop which will received the decoded data and displays on the screen.

• Here solar cell does two functions viz, energy harvesting as well as decoding of light signal into useful information. Solar cell functions satisfactorily till it receives changes in brightness properly in distinguishable manner.

Professor Harald Haas from Li-Fi R&D Centre of University of Edinburgh has recently demonsrated live transmission of video using the solar LiFi concept.

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