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What is SRD?

This page describes what is SRD and mentions SRD(Short Range Device) basics. The low power wireless devices are usually known as short range devices or SRDs. Following are the applications of SRDs.

As mentioned SRDs are basically operates at low power and covers lower range. SRDs operate on non-interference and non-protected modes. In order to choose the SRD, interference analysis need to be done in the same as well as adjacent frequency bands.

There are many applications of SRDs due to which they have become popular. The typical applications are as follows:
• Local Area Networks(LANs), e.g. HIPERLANs, RLANs
• Alarms
• Telematics
• Auto vehicle identification in Railways
• Alert based on movement
• Microphones
• RF ID systems
• Very Low power medical implants
• Inductive applications
• Wireless Audio applications

Frequency bands used by SRDs(Short Range Devices)

There are different frequency bands and ERPs for non specific SRDs and license free SRDs in Europe. Following frequency bands are used by SRDs in Europe.

SRD frequency bands-Non Specific Use

Frequency Band ERP
433.05 to 434.79 MHz +10 dBm
433.05 to 434.79 MHz 0 dBm
433.05 to 434.79 MHz +10 dBm
868 to 868.6 MHz +14 dBm
868.7 to 869.2 MHz +14 dBm
869.3 to 869.4 MHz +10 dBm
869.4 to 869.65 MHz +27 dBm
869.7 to 870 MHz +7 dBm
2400 to 2483.5 MHz +7.85 dBm

SRD frequency bands-License free Use

Frequency Band ERP
402 to 405 MHz -16 dBm
868.6 to 868.7 MHz +10 dBm
869.2 to 869.25 MHz +10 dBm
869.25 to 869.3 MHz +10 dBm
869.65 to 869.7 MHz +14dBm
863 to 865 MHz +10 dBm
863 to 865 MHz +10 dBm
1785 to 1800 MHz +7.85 dBm
2400 to 2483.5 MHz +17.85 dBm
2446 to 2454 MHz +24.85 dBm
2400 to 2483.5 MHz +11.85 dBm
2446 to 2454 MHz +24.85 dBm
2446 to 2454 MHz +33.85 dBm


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